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The NCERA-101 Instrument packages were funded by the NSF in 1972, as a “standardized instrument package” to provide a calibration reference for cooperating laboratories.  The package has evolved over the years and now includes packages with unique instruments.  These packages supplement the calibration standard packages.


Four packages are currently available for rental:

Rental Terms:

  • These instruments are available for rental by any member of NCERA-101. 
  • The rental period is two weeks, excluding shipping time. 
  • Return shipping and appropriate insurance is paid by the user.  Insure all packages for $5000 (US) except for the Humidity/temperature package, which should be insured for $4000.
Rental Fees:
Any one instrument package $300
Any two instrument packages at the same time $450
Any three packages at the same time $600
All four packages at the same time $750
This fee includes shipping, recalibration costs, and account management.  The fee also supports a fund that is used to purchase new instruments for the packages. 
To rent any of these instruments, please contact:
Alec Hay
Utah State University – Crop Physiology Laboratory