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Curtis Adams

MS, 2010 - Closed Root-zone plant nutrition PhD, 2013 - Algae to biodiesel

Postdoctoral Research Associate University of Florida

Charlie Barnes

PhD 2000

Julie Chard

MS 1999 Phytoremediation

Tracy Dougher

PhD 2000 Failure Analysis

Jonathan Frantz

PhD 2003 Dwarf Crop Evaluation Respiration Efficiency

Tim Grotenhuis

MS 1996 Thesis: Superoptimal CO2 Reduces Seed Yield in Wheat

Amelia Henry

MS 2003 Root Exudates

Tom Hooten

MS 2000 Ammonium / Nitrate Studies

Tim Hudelson

MS 2006

Kaerlek Janislampi

M.S. 2012 Silicon Effect on Drought Tolerance

Steve Klassen

Research Associate

Oscar Monje

PhD 2000

Dawn Muhlestein

MS 2001 Ammonium / Nitrate Studies

Christopher Parry

PhD, 2014 - Biophysical Plant Physiology

Glen Ritchie

MS 2003 Spectral Imaging

Joe Romagnano

PhD 2008 Ethylene Synthesis and Sensitivity in Crop Plants

Jason Tew

MS 2005